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Formed in 1975, S.Curmi & Sons, is a licensed International Freight Forwarder, Customs Broker and Hauler that specializes in freight handling & transportation with an emphasis on quality customer service that is all too often frustratingly missing in this industry.

As an IATA registered company, we are constantly looking for reliable and qualified partners from all over the world to fulfil our requirements and in particular those of our esteemed clients

Accomplishing excellent service with the most cost effective routing is a service in which we are very proud of. We strive for long term-satisfied clients. This means that we must fully understand and respond to your needs. 

Our product is Service. Our customers receive the most convenient transportation of their cargo. So, we ask many questions, and we listen carefully to your answers. That's how we present you with a service that is tailor-made to fit your business, your customers and your budget.

At S. Curmi & Sons, we see things differently.

We are old enough to have proven our stability.
We are small enough not to have lost the personal touch.
Yet we're big enough to hold our own when it comes to the rates and service we can command from carriers. Most importantly, we still have perfect hearing.



Tell US about your problems and your needs. We'll be listening.